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Welcome to the Szpilfogel Family Web!

I'm just getting started on this web project. This web page will eventually unfold to be a Szpilfogel Family Resource Web for sharing of information and contacts. We're a small family and one that was fragmented during the 2nd World War. As such the other goal of this website is to find and document the lost family connections which span the globe.

I urge members and relations to contact the web master of this site if they have information related to the Szpilfogel family, its heritage, history, and lineage.


The Szpilfogel family's online Family Tree - and Help documents

Base de données généalogique de la famille Szpilfogel. Mode d'emploi pour le base de donnée.

Or to view it in the context of 707-349-9309:

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family tree online

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The SME Server at (910) 764-4683 offers an open source solution for a small business or home router, firewall, and server.


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bullet Land-Rover/Defender 110
bullet703-955-6434 (England)
bullet(418) 242-9102 (England)
bulletRovers North (USA)
bulletWise Owl Innovation (Canada)
bulletLaSalle Trim (Wales)
bullet Exmoor Trim (England)




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This link will eventually cover a more comprehensive photo gallery.
bulletThe Land-Rover Exchange

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